Churches must criticise misdemeanours of politicians – Philanthropist

Churches must criticise misdemeanours of politicians – Philanthropist

Founder of the ‘Stacy M. Foundation’, a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation, Mrs Stacy Amewoyi, has called on churches and their leaders to constructively criticise and condemn misdemeanours in the political landscape.

She said the Church must frown on politicians who were neither knowingly or unknowingly pawns of darkness, and not agents of light to advance a godless agenda that was destructive to the country.

“What went wrong? Why are so many pulpits and pews silent today when it comes to the church and politics and politicians? Why have we allowed the world to interfere so much in our doctrines that we remain silent even in the face of evil?”.


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Mrs Amewoyi gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said Christians had a responsibility to lead the way and intercede in prayer to shape the nation.

“We should be angry at the evil sources that have hijacked the hearts and minds of people to try to capture the soul of our nations. We must stand against demonic principalities and by demonic principles that have influenced millennials with godless philosophies and the doctrines of men,” she reiterated.

The Founder referred to a great awakening preacher Charles Finney, who in 1830 passionately called for an end to slavery on the pulpit.

His call, she said, was a pushback to those who believed pastors were not supposed to be political or turn the pulpit into anything political, adding: “We shouldn’t and cannot be silent.”

“We as the church of Jesus Christ, are God’s restraining force in the world today against evil, and if the church does not rise and fight the good fight of faith, who will? If we abdicate our role and our responsibility as ambassadors for Christ and agents of truth, then evil will triumph.

“If as Christians, you believe that faith and politics don’t mix, and that, pastors should stay out of that, it’s just too divisive. Then by your apathy and your reluctance, you are helping to advance the doctrine and dogma of other world’s religions and of secular humanism to influence this nation rather than the values and virtues of Christianity,” she said.


Source: GNA

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