Do You Want To Overcome Stress And Build Resilience? Read This Book: Overcoming Stress

Do You Want To Overcome Stress And Build Resilience Read This Book Overcoming Stress

If we all had the special skills, knowledge, and in-depth understanding of stress on our total being, overcoming stress in itself will be a golden opportunity to free ourselves from its shackles.

To give you a great leap to stress handling and resilience-building a book: “Overcoming Stress:  A handbook for resilience building”  has been published in Ghana.


This book, Overcoming Stress, according to the author, Rev I.K. Erzoah Amihere will equip readers with how to deal with this deadly enemy called stress. The book will further help readers who put its content into practice to achieve qualitative health and high productivity.

The book, “Overcoming Stress”, a handbook for resilience building when read will.

  1. Provide time-tested know-how to comprehend the science behind stress.
  2. Equip people with essential wisdom that permits mastery over the dangerous impact of stress.
  3. Develop good mastery over stress so as to enjoy a victorious, healthy long life.
  4. It will guide you on how to achieve elusive quality health and high productivity.

About the Author: Rev I.K. Erzoah Amihere

Rev I.K. Erzoah Amihere, a Senior Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is also a Senior Minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. He is a professional Counselling Psychologist and serves in the GNFS as Chaplain General.

Eye Opening Tips Revealed About The Book

At the launch of the book which happens to be his third publication, he said “In my counseling and pastoral practice, I often observe with disappointment how on a daily basis individuals are busily choosing thoughts and behaviours that instruct the only body they have to destroy itself.

“Besides, the human race on a constant basis is being traumatized with sudden deaths here and there, and as I juxtapose what is happening in our time with the thoughts and behaviors of people, I am firmly convinced that we would do ourselves a lot of good if we critically consider our thoughts and behaviours.”


Do You Want To Overcome Stress And Build Resilience Read This Book Overcoming Stress


According to the author, events such as those above have truncated many lives with stress playing a key role as it further worsens the plights of people.
He added that multiple stressors can surface in one’s life simultaneously; daily hassle, toxic marriage arrangement, financial difficulties, and management of non-communicable diseases.

“Sadly enough an individual may be bombarded by multiple stressors yet maybe blaming some imaginary external forces.” He added.

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Rev I.K. Erzoah Amihere added the launch that “The remedy for qualitative health and high productivity at all levels, in our contemporary times, hinges on a sound understanding of mind-body relationship, personality inclinations, creation of conducive environment (in the place of work, in families, and in societies), effective functional social support system, sound spirituality, and cultivation of resilience.”

He opined that the perception “if one manages his times well, it has the ability to help avoid stress” is invalid in our world today. He holds the view that stress is a monster that is causing diseases, discomfort, deaths and is hidden in the individual.

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“Years ago, others thought when time is properly managed, an individual would be free from being stressed up. In reality, the monster that causes diseases (discomfort) of all kinds and sudden deaths is within the individual and the environment,” he stated.

He advised all and sundry to read the book one page at a time like a study material, assimilate the content, and put it into practice to achieve the full benefits inherent in it.

You are on the way to enjoying victorious healthy long life,” he concluded.


Do you want to buy the book “Overcoming Stress”, a handbook for resilience building..?


Another book by the same author


Luke 21:19 “Stand firm, and you will win life.”



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