Perez Dome was not constructed by any political party – Bishop Agyinasare

Perez Dome constructed by political party
Bishop Charles Agyinasare, General Overseer and founder of Perez Chapel, has disclosed 
that claims that the headquarters of the church was built by political party in Ghana is false.
The man of God who is revered said that these allegations are not only scandalous but also intended to ruin his reputation.
This was announced by him on Sunday, 25 October that misinformation and snide comments negatively affect people’s lives.

In the preaching, Bishop Agyinasare stated that the chapel site was once an estate for the dead Ghana Meat Company but had been sold publicly and that he was the one who was offered to buy it.

In 1997 he said that the site was offered and that his Christian faith submitted an offer and acquired it.

He claimed also that the church purchased the property that was later converted into Perez’s current headquarters.

So when the church saw the ad they placed in an offer and won it. The man of God noticed that the location of interest was covered with dense elephant grass. They were instructed to make the necessary payments or lose the said facility to another interested buyer.


“So if anyone lies that it was given to me, that person is insulting all the people that contributed and sacrificed to buy this place. And the worst part of it is that if we didn’t pay for this place, the money we raised for this place I chopped it…Amazingly we built the Dome between 2002 and 2008. So why do people have to lie to tarnish the church and a religious leader because I said something they did not like?” he asked.


He also announced that the ceiling of the church had been shipped from the United States, but when they landed on the shores of Ghana, he wrote to the government at that time to allow a tax exemption, and he was notified that the application had to go to the parliament of Ghana for approval.




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