Faith To Refuse Part 2- Dr. Mensa Otabil


Message Title- Faith To Refuse Part 2

Faith is essential for us to receive from God and become what God wants us to be, as well as to bring down strongholds.

Sometimes, however, we need faith that does not just receive but also rejects.

Genesis 14:18-23

Two kings came to Abraham:

King of Salem, Melchizedech – offered food and blessings

King of Sodom – offered goods, riches

Three statements were made:

1. “I have raised my hand to the Lord” –  Abraham had made a vow to God before the battle, which was still in force. A vow in the past that is still having effect is very important.

2. “I will not take anything that is yours” – self-imposed limitation/restraint. Abraham placed an embargo on himself, qualified it (a thread or a sandal strap), and specifically directed it to the person and situation he was involved in (the king of Sodom).

3. “Lest you say, ‘I have made Abraham rich” – Abraham knew he would be rich. He was careful who would get the glory for his prosperity. He was determined not to deny God the glory for what happened to him.

Why Abraham refused

– The source of the offer: Sodom was associated with evil. He may have considered it as bad riches.

– The circumstance of the offer: Sodom had already lost so much. He did not want to take undue advantage of Sodom’s calamity, when they were at the lowest point of their lives.

What is Faith to refuse in this case?

Faith to refuse is believing so much in the future God has planned for you, that you refuse to get there by any means necessary, including destroying or taking advantage of others.


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Other examples in this regard are

– David, when he refused to kill Saul although he had a right to, after being pursued by Saul himself.

– Elisha, when he refused the reward from Naaman although he led him to his healing.

Sometimes we may have an advantage, and our success has the potential of destroying someone completely; and this is the point where we need to have faith to refuse!

As a nation and continent,

* If we believe in the greatness of our victory, we must have the faith to refuse being victims.

* If we believe in the greatness of our the wealth we must have the faith to refuse to sell that wealth at the expense of the land.

* If we believe in the greatness of our citizens, we must refuse looking up constantly to foreign experts.

God has a great destiny for you and you must believe in it so much that you refuse to accept anything that will destroy your testimony!



Hope you have been blessed with the message: Faith To Refuse

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