6 Graduation Gift Ideas She Will Love!


Looking for graduation gift ideas?

Graduation season is upon us! And both my husband and I are graduating this year!

(OK, so technically I graudated in October last year, but my convocation is in June, and Connor won’t be done for a few months because he has 3 more courses to take, but we will both be finished our school this year. Phew. That was long-winded.)

It’s dawning on me what a huge deal graduation is. Whether you’re graduating from your undergrad, your college program, or a master’s, this is a huge feat!

You went into school unqualified for the majority of the jobs on the market. You went into school a child–you graduate an adult. 

I’m not one for gifts, or for parties for that matter, but graduation is a special exception in my books. But for graduation I’ll make an exception.

So today I’ve compiled some great gift ideas for your graduating best friend, daughter, sister, or really just anyone you know who’s graduating.

I love these gift ideas because they have that air of “welcome to adulthood”–but without all the scariness that usually comes with that.

But too much talking, not enough list. Let’s go!

Great graduation gift ideas! Love these gift ideas for college graduates!

Reason this is a great gift? I can’t narrow it down to just one, so here’s why it’s a fantastic graduation gift idea:

  1. A Facebook post seems rather anti-climactic after how much work you’ve put in for your degree. These cards just have so much more gravitas!
  2. I always find that having something like an image, or a card, makes it so much more “real” in my mind. When I got my wedding invitations for the first time, that made it really sink in–I was getting married. With graduation, it’s so hard to actually “feel” like you’re graduating. These cards are a fantastic way to make it feel like it’s actually happening!
  3. They are SUPER cute. Like seriously, way too cute. Check this one out:

Minted (3)

Image from Minted.com

Minted (4)

Image from Minted.com

Seriously, though–those are dang cute. And don’t worry–everything is customizable, so you can put whatever pictures you want on the cover, and change the text to fit what you want it to say!

Check out Minted’s graduation announcement cards!

When you graduate, you’re heading into the workforce. That’s scary as it is! So why not give your friend a helping hand? These business cards are adorable, but also very professional.

I am also a sucker for business cards. I don’t know why, but they’ve always just made me so happy. When I was 14 and started a jewelry business with my friend Ali, one of my favorite parts was going to Staples and picking up our new cards!

So when I saw what Minted can do with business cards… Just check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Check out Minted’s business cards!

If you’ve been living in residence or terrible student housing for the last few years, there’s nothing that feels more “grown up” than decorating your new place with art.

There’s something calming about having pieces that say something about you–you didn’t just get it for 2 bucks at a thrift shop, but chose it carefully, or received it from someone who saw it and immediately thought of you.

Minted has an amazing selection of prints and photo art–to be honest, I think this is what they’re absolutely best at. Plus, it’s all small artists’ work, and I love helping out the little guy. But here are some examples of pieces I love: Minted (2)

Image from Minted.com 

Minted (1)

Images from Minted.com

(Can you tell I like abstract art pieces?)

They’ve got inspiring quotes, landscapes, abstract art, and really just a bit of anything you could want.

Check out some great art from Minted!

On similar lines as the one above, my absolute favourite art idea for someone who’s graduating is their custom art prints, because you can get a map of the city they went to school with and hang it up as art! That’s so much better than just another university sweater!

Seriously, you can get it done three ways: as a foil-pressed piece, a letterpress piece, and your “typical” just solid-colour sketch of the city. I think this idea is amazing.2017-04-03 (2)

Image from Minted.com

You can put in any location you want, and they’ll make it for you. You can have a map of that crappy little neighbourhood you lived in that may have not had a great view, but was your first real home as a grown-up. You can have a map of your campus, where you made more memories than you can count. I think this is just an amazing idea, if you can’t tell. Such a fun way to keep memories alive!

Check out the custom map prints here. 

Looking for something really classy? Personalized stationary is the way to go. There’s just something about hand-written letters, and having monogrammed stationary feels very grown-up. Like everything else, this is super customizable, so it’s really easy to find the perfect pieces!

Check out some personalized stationary ideas!

Graduation is a big deal. It’s such an exciting time–so much hope, so much unknown, and so many opportunities just waiting to be found. I hope these gift ideas helped you, and please let me know what your favourite ideas were!

Have you graduated already? Are you graduating this year? Let us know some great gift ideas you have in the comments!

PSST: Don’t miss Friday’s post this week! I’m going to be showing some really awesome grad gifts that I got from Minted, too!

FTC disclaimer: some links in this post are affiliate links, and I make a small commission if you purchase an item through my link. It’s what helps me run the blog and provide free content for you, though, so it’s a win-win! 🙂



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