Tough Questions for Christians – Difficult questions related to Christianity


Tough Questions for Christianity – Biblical and moral perspective from a Christian viewpoint

This page is provided for anyone who is exploring the big questions that are most controversial around Christianity. It is also for Christians who are perhaps struggling with the bigger questions. We hope these perspectives will help in finding an answer to some of the tough questions about Christianity.

There are many good resources already available on the internet. Many people have already spent a lot of time grappling with the bigger questions about Christianity. We sometimes take a look at some of the challenging questions in life and the ‘modern’ world we live in the UK Christian Web blog, so links to some of these are also included in this list.

Rather than try to attempt to answer every question ourselves, we have also provided linked to pages that have already taken the time to bring a perspective or opinion on a particular issue. We are not suggesting any of the answers are the only correct answer – or correct at all – merely offering a perspective that you perhaps had not considered before. The aim is to present a few perspectives to help guide and tackle some of the issues and objections often raised about Christainity and the Christian life by both Christians and non-Christians.


Questions & perspectives from us and other sources (Links open in a new window)

Note: Links to other articles here do not imply an enorsement by UK Christian Web. They are included to lead you to additional perspectives on difficult subjects to help you make a more informed judgement. Links marked with an asterisk (*) are non-Christian articles with potentially interesting content.

The Question of Creation, the Big Bang and Evolution

Creation, the Big Bang and Evolution (
*Problems with the Big Bang Theory (
Evolution vs Creation – The Order of Events Matters (Answers in Genesis)
Creation / Evolution (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)

The Question of a World Created in 7 Days

Biblical Reasons to Doubt the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods (The Gospel Coalition)
Days of Creation (Answers in Genesis)

The Question of The Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose of Life? (
What is the Meaning of Life (Desiring God)
Is There More to Life Than This? (Alpha Course)
What Does the Bible Say About How to Find Purpose in Life? (Got Questions)
What is the True Meaning of Life? (

The Question of Dinosaurs

Did men and dinosaurs live together? (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? (Got Questions)
What do Christians believe about dinosaurs? (What Christians Want to Know)

The Question of Predestination vs Free Will

What does the Bible say about predestination vs. free will? (Got Questions)
The phrase ‘free will’ is not directly mentioned in the Bible (UK Christian Web blog)

The Question of the Trinity

Can we explain the Trinity? (Desiring God)
What does the Bible teach about the Trinity? (Got Questions)
Can You Explain the Trinity to Me? (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
Why the Trinity is Not Like an Egg or an Apple (or God is Way Awesomer Than Us!) (Thinking Through Faith)

The Question of the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? (Biblestudytools)
Who is the Holy Spirit? (Got Questions)
What is the Holy Spirit? (Crosswalk)
What is the Holy Spirit? (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)
How do you stop being an unbalanced Church? (UK Christian Web blog)

The Question of Unanswered Prayer

Why Hasn’t God Answered My Prayer? (24-7 Prayer)
Jesus’ Unanswered Prayer (UCB)
How Should A Christian Respond to Unanswered Prayer? (Got Questions)
Unanswered Prayers are Invitations From God (Desiring God)
Unanswered Prayer (Focus on the Family)
What About Unanswered Prayer? (Eternal Wall)

The Question of Why God Allows Suffering

Why Does God Allow Suffering? (
If God Exists, Why is There Suffering? (Christianity Explored)
Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen? (Baptist Union of Great Britain)
How Can God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering? (Focus on the Family)
Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Christian Medical Fellowship)

The Question of The Book of Revelation

7 Tips for Understanding Revelation (Zondervan Academic)
5 Key Issues about the Book of Revelation Explained (Crosswalk)
How Should We Understand the Book of Revelation? (Bible Gateway)
How Can I Understand the Book of Revelation? (Got Questions)

The Question of Different Bible Translations

Why Have There Been So Many Translations of the Bible? (Blue Letter Bible)
Is the KJV the only correctly inspired translation of the Bible vs all other versions? (UK Christian Web blog)
Why Are There So Many Different Versions of the Bible? (
Why Are There Different Bible Translations? (Christianity Today)

The Question of The Law vs Grace

The Law Vs Grace (UK Christian Web blog)
Law vs. grace—why is there so much conflict among Christians on the issue? (Got Questions)
C. H. Spurgeon – Law and Grace (Blue Letter Bible)

The Question of Swearing

Is it okay for Christians (or anyone) to swear? (UK Christian Web blog)
What the Bible Says About Swearing and ‘Dirty Words’ (Focus on the Family)
What Does the Bible Say About Swearing and Cursing? (
On Cussing (Desiring God)

The Question of What Faith Is

What is Faith and Why is it Important? (Crosswalk)
What is Faith – Bible Meaning and Importance for Christians (
How Do You Define Faith? (The Good Book Company)

The Question of What Hope Is

What Is So Important About Christian Hope? and What is Hope? (Desiring God)
5 Things the Bible Says About Hope (The Billy Graham Library)
What is the Christian’s hope? (Got Questions)
Hope (
The Biblical Basis of Hope (Gospel Coalition)

The Question of Whether Christianity is a Religion

Is Christianity a religion or a relationship? (Got Questions)

The Question of Contradictions in the Bible

Does the Bible contradict itself? (
Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors? (Desiring God)

The Question of Celebrating Halloween

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? – Christianity and All Hallows Eve (UK Christian Web blog)
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? (Billy Graham Association)

The Question of Sexual Identity

What Does Christianity Say About Homosexuality? (BBC Bitesize)
Question and Answer – Homosexuality (Philip Yancey)
Is it possible to be a gay Christian? (Got Questions)

The Question of Christian History

Christian Heritage Network (Christian Heritage Network)
Explore Churches (National Churches Trust)
History of the Church of England (The Church of England)
A Timeline of Christianity in England (Local Histories)
History of Christianity (Wikipedia)
Today in Christian History (Christianity Today)

The Question of Relationships

A Christian View of Marriage (
The Billy Graham Rule: Should You Have Opposite-Sex Friendships? (Focus on the Family)


Do you think there should be another difficult Christian question added to the list? Let us know.


Other websites that look at difficult questions for Christians and Christainity

Note: Links here do not imply an enorsement by UK Christian Web. They are included to lead you to additional perspectives on difficult subjects to help you make a more informed judgement.

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