Devotional:. Abundance through sharing





📜TEXT:1 KINGS 17:8-16📜

🔑📖“`KEY VERSE:“` _*”And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days” (1 KINGS 17:15).*_


The almighty God, in His wisdom, did not endow everyone with equal substance such that we are all self-sufficient and so do not need the assistance of others. One may have sufficiency in one item but lack in something else. Whether in our chosen endeavour or God-assigned duty, we need each other. Human existence is one of interdependence. While sufficiency is a measure of virtue, greater success is usually attained when we share our substance with others. And it is not in the quantity of our substance but the readiness and cheerfulness of sharing.

Many widows were in Israel in the days of Elijah, yet the person appointed to cater for him was a poor widow in want. It is God’s way and to His glory, to make use of and put honour upon the weak and foolish things of the world. The woman also needed companionship and fellowship. Though having just a handful of meal in a barrel and a little oil in a cruise, she believed the prophet’s word and did as she was commanded. She even baked a cake for him first. The widow’s faith enabled her to readily deny herself and depend upon the divine promise. This singular act of sharing her last meal, gave her a great miracle. Consequently, she and her household including the prophet had enough throughout the time of famine.

Those who rely on promises of God and the works of His prophets make themselves recipients of His blessings (2 Chronicles 20:20b). Also, as believers, we should learn to share and not hold back our gifts, talents, skill, time, abilities and substance from God and those in need. As we give to others, we must also give to God. For sharing with others in times of famine, pestilence, earthquake and world disasters, God will in turn shower His blessings upon us. We would lack nothing and our substance will continue to be replenished.

✍🏽“`THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“` _*The secret of continuous abundance is sharing.*_





*A win-win faith investment*

*1. Investment based on truth*
a. The prophet was truly led by the Holy Spirit and was not just a deceiver, vv8,9.
b. The prophet received a definite divine message to the giver, vv8,9.
b. The prophet was neither after personal wealth nor luxury but only for sustenance and survival, v9.
c. God worked at both ends. The woman herself was commanded or made willing by God so that she did it cheerfully and happily without murmuring or compulsion, v9.
d. The man of God was neither covetous nor selfish. He was interested in the wellbeing of the family of the widow and even shared with her without greediness, v13.
e. The man of God was constantly receiving direct and scriptural messages from God to the giver, v14.
f. The man of God neither threatened nor instilled fear in the heart of the wisdow before giving. It was voluntary, vv13,14.

In an age of covetous and carnal extortionists who brand themselves men of God, if your faith investment will yield fruits, watch out for the points raised above👆

*2. An investment of faith*
a. The widow received a touch that made her willing in her spirit, v9.
b. She yielded to voice of wisdom. Which one is better, to eat all she had and died with her family or to give it up by faith and see what God will do? v12. The widow who cast all 1/4 of a cent as offering was smart too. It is better to invest the last card in God’s project and see what God will do, Luke 21:1-3.
c. The widow decided to give her last card to the prophet *after* (and not before) she was assured by God and her faith mixed with the prophesy of the word of God, vv13-15.
d. The woman demonstrated faith by giving the man of God (or God) first. Faith overshadowed her reasoning. If Elijah ate the food and nothing happened?


The best time to prove God is when giving is very sacrificial and difficult, when the need is desperate and the giving is backed by faith in the word of God.

*3. The irrevocable reward of faith*
a. What could barely carried the widow and the son for a meal eventually was multiplied to carry the three of them for about a year👌 vv15,16.
b. The giver was rewarded as well as the receiver. It was a win win faith, vv15,16.
c. God directed Elijah to the poor widow not to embarrass or swindle her but to be a blessing to the woman. Remember there were richer people in Israel that God could have sent Elijah to.

Beware not to miss God when He is sending His angels in human body to you to ask for something desperately needed when you don’t even have enough yourself.

*Prayer points*
Praise God because faith in Him will never fail🙏
Ask for the spirit of faith in your dealing with God🙏
Ask God to always direct you to your helpers🙏
Pray for grace to be giving sacrificially to one another as brethren🙏

*HYMN* All your anxiety. (GHS 1)



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