Daily Manna Morning Devotion: Harvest time

Morning Devotion

Daily Manna Morning Devotion: Harvest time – Morning Devotion for TUESDAY 13TH OCTOBER, 2020


📜📜 Daily Manna Morning Devotion: Harvest time  TEXT: RUTH 1:19-22 📜📜

🔑📖 KEY VERSE: “So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest” (RUTH 1:22).

Harvest times are times of ingathering of crops from the field. In the New Testament, it represents the winning of souls into the Kingdom through evangelistic efforts. It also refers to the day of reckoning when angels will gather the righteous into the kingdom of God to the exclusion of all wicked people. Harvest is supper time for the righteous, a time of rest, and of receiving a rousing welcome from angels and saints in heaven.

Naomi arrived from the land of Moab in the beginning of the barley harvest. She had spent long years there, and as is usual with many that became disenchanted about prospects in a foreign land, she decided to return to her native land in Bethlehem-judah. To her amazement, upon arrival, the inhabitants of the land appeared to be in expectation of her and received her with great joy.


The story of the return of Naomi is reminiscent of the Bible account of the events that shall unfold on the last day. Men shall come before the Throne of God bare and without their riches, earthly gains or laurels; only their works shall follow them.


The righteous shall shine as the stars, their works of faith, righteous deeds and record of souls won into the kingdom, shall follow them as they are joyfully welcomed by myriads of holy angels and saints in heaven. Yet, all unprofitable men shall be cast out into outer darkness.

Surely, God will demand an account of our living here when we appear before Him. Now, therefore, is the time to turn to the Lord and do works that count for eternity, for the harvest time is fully here.

✍🏽 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ON Daily Manna Devotion: The diligent reaps the harvest of his labour.



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