How to overcome sin in the digital age as a Christian

How to overcome sin in the digital age

Sin is any act or omission that makes us act against the will of God. It has the ability to separate us from God and mess up with the relationship between mankind and God. Fortunately for mankind, God loves us even in our sins but He hates every act of sin. This means we can find our way back to God if we take steps toward that. 

Striving to get back into God’s radial especially in our world today which has several things that can easily rob the joy of being with the Lord.

Sin can only be washed away when we receive forgiveness and we are washed of it through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Mankind can be natural, carnal, or spiritual beings. God requires that his children remain spiritual. God does not want his creation and children to fall to sin yet, if it happens he provided an avenue for us to walk back to his presence. 

To overcome our sins and come under the power and direction of God, we must first acknowledge that we are sinners. This is an important realization for all who want to seek God’s forgiveness. We ought to accept the guilt of sin.

We must repent from sin, move into the state of confession in prayer, and call on God to forgive us our sins.

We must trust and have faith in our Loving father who forgives sin and believe that he has washed away our sins and forgiven us of all our iniquities. 

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Jesus is our example, as we as Christians have been called to live lives that are Holy. To live this holy life requires that we deal with sin which can hinder this all-important Holy life. As Christians, we ought to believe that our God has forgiven us our since as in 1 John:1-9. We are forgiving our sins and empowered by the third person in the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Children of God must run from sin and cling to God’s word. 

When we are forgiven, we have to have faith to complete the process so that our perfect relations with Jesus, our Lord and Saviour will be complete. When you sin, get in touch with Jesus the Christ no matter where you find yourself because the saving blood of Jesus Christ is ready and active at any time for the forgiveness of sin if only we will confess our sins and believe in the saving power of Jesus and God’s promise to forgive us our sins.


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