How Christians can overcome tests and temptations

Christians can overcome tests

Right from the garden of Eden, mankind’s biggest weakness is overcoming tests, trials, and temptations. But it is the same tests or temptations that God uses to prove the faith of those who he calls his children. 

If as a believer, you cannot overcome temptations orchestrated by the evil one, then it means you will end up disobeying God. That is the agenda of the devil. 

If there is anything all Christians want to learn, it is how to overcome tests and temptations thrown at us. But how can we overcome if we do not know the temptation and how they come our way?

How Tests and Temptations Come Our Way

1# Tests and temptations come our way in many ways in the form of attacks that affect our valuable properties.

2# Sometimes God tests his servant Abraham in Genesis 22:2 and it was related to his only son Issac. This should remind us of the temptations of Job which led to his loss of all he had. 

3# There are other times that the test and temptations we face are passed through our own family members, neighbours, and even friends. 

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4# Natural events and occurrences can shake our faith sometimes and make us fall. 

5# Break down of health, economic hardships, and conflicts in our homes can be tests or temptations we are going through. 


How To Overcome Tests and Temptations

We cannot overcome these tests and temptations using our own power and strength

a. During such tough times, let us acknowledge the power of God is at work to take us through the tough times. Invite God into your challenging life and condition and clinging to the faith.

b. Confess your sins and wait upon the Lord in faith (1 Thess 5:7)

c. Be determined to overcome the temptation.

d. Do not let your faith wobble and stagger in the face of temptations and trials rather let your faith be fortified and made strong.

e. Profess the power in the Name and Blood of Jesus and ask him to lead and order your steps and utterances 

Patience is key in overcoming the devil but also keep in mind there is no temptation you are suffering that you cannot overcome according to 1 Corinthians 10:13

In all these, let your prayer life be sharper, like a double-edged sword. Do not be too quick to take actions that are not Godly. Trials are good if we go through victoriously. 

As children of God, we have all it takes to resist everything temptation.

Edwin Louis Cole in one of his famous quotes said:

“Knowledge of God’s Word is a bulwark against deception, temptation, accusation, even persecution.”

Christians of the 21st century, let us read the word, meditate, and claim the promises of God in it for us, for we are more than conquers. 




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