What is the Message of Salvation?

Message of Salvation

Has the Message of Salvation reached you? If Christ should come today, where will you stand? Or if you die today, are you saved?

These are two big questions that require all who call upon the name of the Lord need to answer. To answer this answer requires being saved by grace.

The salvation of a believer is important for reaching heaven. The word of God makes it clear in Eph. 2:8-9 that “We have been saved by grace through faith. It is not because of our good works hence there is no room for boasting”

To be saved means to invite Christ into your life and profess Him as your Lord and personal saviour. When you receive Christ, you decide to leave according to his will for from henceforth, you are not alive but Christ is alive in you.

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Since and rebellion souls can gag against our salvation. False teachings and religions can compel you to denounce Christ for other things.


However, God in his wisdom loves us all and makes available a way for all who thirst for his power in their lives enjoy the salvation he promised.

To be saved, it is important that we acknowledge that we are sinners, have sinned, and fallen short and therefore we need to be saved. Sin makes us its slaves (Romans 7:15-25) and if we say we have not sinned then we are liars.

To be forgiven requires that we repent and confess Sin. God loves sinners yet he dislikes sin and sinful acts. When we turn away from sin and evil ways, we are next in line for the redeeming power of God to work the most important miracle in our lives.

Haven confessed your sins, the next step is to believe that in Lord Jesus Christ died for you. His death on the cross was a testament of  God’s love for us as revealed in His word in John 3:16.


Let the redeeming power of God locate your sinful persona and call upon his name. Share the message of salvation with all and bring others to Christ. When the message of God’s salvation comes to us, let us share with others so that they see the light. Accept Christianity on the basis of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and be ready to share Him and the Message of Salvation.


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