The power of Divine Elevation in the life of a Christian

The power of Divine Elevation

God has his own way of elevating his children. This divine elevation is a miracle that sweeps you off your feet as God embraces you with a blessing you never imagine. This shift in grace called divine elevation is on as a result of the wisdom or strength of the believer but God’s own arrangement to turn the story around and in your favour beyond your wildest dream.

God elevates you in his own time to greatness and the child of God then realizes that the blessings of the Lord go beyond imagination, expectation, calculation, and qualification!

Psalm 75:6-7

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.

But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

God elevates his children to bring glory to His name and that is key to helping others come to know the light.

Through divine elevation that Christians experience the world gets to know the kingdom of God on earth as it shows God’s power over all things and situations.

This means our challenges, tough times, can be dealt with by God’s power leading to victory in God for the believer. God is a story changer and you are next in line to experience the power of transformation of God.

Every humankind needs and seeks after some form of elevation, but the true elevation is a divine elevation that is inspired and moved by God.

Many seek promotion in their workplaces, we all seek upliftment and fulfillment in life but the truth is that it takes the grace of God to be truly elevated. This also means that. We seek to improve socially, morally, spiritually and the list is endless.

Society has become so bias that many seek and achieve some level of upliftment through nepotism, favouritismtribalistic, political connections, kickbacks, occultism, and the like.

Today, it is a widespread truth that, often than not, if you do not have some level of connection with someone in authority, you cannot be elevated, get a job you qualify for, or receive the promotion that is due you. 

Be assured that God will bring forth divine elevation and positive transformation; your level will change for sure.


Be ready to reject every backward journey and break every curse of un-fruitfulness in your life. Remember, when Jesus says Yes! nobody can say no.

Divine elevation means possessing your possessions and getting restored. Job was restored after losing everything he had, was destroyed. Therefore, know that your restoration and elevation will be complete and God-inspired. Joel 2:25 tells us that God will restore our wasted years.

I urge you to focus on the title of this message throughout the days, meditate on it and pray that God will elevate you.

It is your time to be restored, you are next in line for a life-transforming blessing from the heavens.

Stop doubting and stop belittling yourself. As a man thinks, so shall he be.


Know from now onwards that positive thoughts will generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.

Divine Elevation is a positive experience that you and I need, you have to think it, feel it, believe it, pray for it and God will do the rest.

Everybody has one particular person he or she trusts. Many have put their trust in humans and have been failed. Some put their trust in their landed properties, while others have their trust embedded in their money.

Unfortunately, all these things are vanity. They are empty and are not worth trusting. Humans will always fail you by their human nature, but God; the master elevator will cause and call your divine elevation to be fulfilled.

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We recommend only one person to you. He does not fail and will not fail you. We know Him. When you put your trust in Him, he will never fail you. He is unfailing in nature. Put your life in is His hands you will never regret. Jesus Christ with cause your next miracle to happen.

It is a new season, you will experience an elevation.


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